Tuesday, June 9, 2009

YARD + ART = YART SALE on ETSY 6/10-6/14

If you've been surfing the Etsy forums, you may be wondering, "What is YART?" A "YART Sale" (Yard + Art) is basically an unofficial collective sale by participating Etsy shops that will run Wednesday June 10th through Sunday June 14th. To participate in YART as a seller all you need to do is create a YART SALE section in your shop (I also suggest tagging each sale item with YART to help sellers find your sale items!) Learn more about YART on the Storque.

I will be creating SmuTopia's YART Sale section today and plan to heavily discount some of my older items to make way for new inventory. What are your plans for the YART Sale? Post your shops and sales here!

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cabin + cub said...

Just learned about it today.. will have to check it out! ;)