Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Found on the Beach--Shells and Such from the Outer Banks of NC

My husband and I just returned from a fantastic vacation to Outer Banks of North Carolina, and I had to share some of the treasures I found on the beach! I didn't have any luck finding seaglass this trip, but came away with some fantastic shells including several broken shell pieces sculpted by the sea into beautiful shapes--the purple and white striped piece with the holes in it (bottom right) is one of my favs and will make a beautiful pendant or focal point for a necklace.

My design ideas right now are focused on the small "V" shaped piece of driftwood I found on the beach near our rented condo in Nag's Head. I'm thinking of pairing it with a piece of aqua seaglass and wrapping both the wood and seaglass with sterling silver wire to create a unique sea-themed pendant or necklace.

In addition to the small piece of driftwood I found myself, I also purchased two larger driftwood pieces on Roanoke Island to use for jewelry display during photo shoots for item listings. If you love shells, seaglass and all things beachy, add the Outer Banks to your vacation list!


StunningAnnaK said...

Those shells are just beautiful! I hope you make something beautiful with them!

Anonymous said...

I love the driftwood idea for photographing! We love to take pictures at the beach, too!