Thursday, August 5, 2010

Agony of Anticipation

Since my last post about lampworking shortly after I received my "starter kit" from Rio Grande and set up my studio, I have whiled away multiple hours behind the torch melting glass, twirling mandrels and pulling stringers. I have just about run out of glass from the assortment of rods included in the kit. There really is a good amount of glass left, but the rods are getting too short to hold in the flame without some sort of tool doing the grasping to prevent singed fingers. Clearly, it was time for me to reinvest some of my Etsy profits and order a few tools and more glass! I am now waiting for two orders to arrive with my lampworking tools and supplies--and the waiting is agonizing. I think I must be hooked ;)

1 comment:

Beyond Magical said...

Ooo... I've never known how to make lampwork beads. Not that I have any desire to, lol! Can't wait to see some creations!