Thursday, February 11, 2010

Messy Jessie Invades a New Space

Since moving into our new house in November, I have made very little progress in setting up my new craft room. What can I say, I've always been more motivated on the creative side of craft room activities--less so on the organizational side :)

With my first craft show of the 2010 season rapidly approaching (March 13th I'll be at the Designers Downtown Market in Raleigh, NC) it is definately crunch time to set things up in my new space so I can follow my normal routine and do a trial set-up to make sure my displays are ready to go before show day.

At least at this point (almost) everything is unpacked, and my jewelry for sale is either happily stored in my favorite piece of craft room furniture (a lovely jewelry armoire my hubby got me as a gift) or the lovely necklace roll my Mom made me for Christmas (see previous post about this to see photos!) Thank goodness some of the organizing I did before the big move (see the labeled plastic shoeboxes on the shelf in the second photo) have helped me find things amidst the mess in the interim before I get everything else put away!


Cari said...

Ack! My OCD! lol just kidding.

I'm a scrapper so my organization is waaaaay different. Shelves and labeled bins help me a lot. Try Harbor Freight for tool organizers?

Lisa @ the Little Green Button said...

I feel your pain! Working on this today! I mean, my space, not yours. lol

Annette said...

You shoud see my sewing room and I haven't even moved!!