Monday, January 4, 2010

Handmade by Mom :)

Like the saying goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) My Mom is also a crafty lady, and used her talents to make me a fantastic handmade Christmas gift--a jewelry seller's necklace roll!

The heavy dark brown fabric is printed with a leafy teal pattern and features a brown ribbon to secure the necklaces at the clasp opposite a row of pockets to protect focal stones/beads and anchor the necklace in its space.

Once the necklaces are secure I can just roll up the holder and each necklace will be nestled against the fabric :)

Once rolled up completely and secure the two sets of attatched ties in a bow the entire roll can be tossed in my (rather large) for a quick getaway!

Thanks again Mom for such a great handmade gift! I love it!


zafiro80 said...

it is beautiful. i have a pattern to make one i just have to get my sewing machine working right.


Mrs. Campbell said...

I love this jewelry roll! I've checked out others on Etsy & ArtFire and can't find any to compare--with both pockets and ribbons to hold necklaces in place. Do you know anyone who makes this type to sell? Or where I can get the pattern?

Chloe' said...

your Mum is awesome! (^_^) what a thoughtful gift :o)