Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sneak a Peek at what's New from Smu!

This fall I've been expanding the selection of metals in my designs and have become very fond of using brass. The contrast of antiqued brass with light-colored beads like the lovely lilac purple ovals used in the beachy bracelet pictured here. In addition to my normal product shots using driftwood and flooring tiles for a background I've also taken photos of this bracelet on one of my wooden hand bracelet displays.
I have a set of 12 wooden hands (made by my Grandpa) that I use at craft shows, and they've become a real conversation piece with customers! Hopefully they will draw as much attention in my Etsy shop as they have in person at shows :)

In addition the the beachy brass bracelet, I have this pretty little blue seastar bauble pendant and several other items ready to list. Stay tuned to my Etsy shop for some great new stuff as we close out the week!