Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crunch Time in Smu-Land!

With the Saturday 9/12 Designers’ Downtown Market in Raleigh, NC rapidly approaching it is definitely crunch time in Smu-Land! Thankfully the process of craft-show prep gets a little easier each time through lessons learned at previous shows. For example, I now have a tackle box full of craft show essentials that is always packed up and ready when show time rolls around, which serves the dual purpose of 1. Saving time, and 2. Making sure I don’t forget something important (like scissors, or tape—both essential!). I’ve also dedicated the awesome wallet I purchased from Madbird on Etsy as my show cash wallet and I still have enough $1s to make change at the show, which means I don’t need to go to the bank first! Hooray!

My displays are currently up in my craft room for the “dry-run” set up I do before every show. Tonight’s prep task will be pricing/tagging any new work that isn’t already tagged. After that I can pack up my inventory and maybe, just maybe, find a little time to relax before the show. ;)


BeckyKay said...

I hear ya! Our first show of the season is on the 19th. Lots and lots to do!!

SillyLittleLady said...

Ooh you're so organized, I like it! Good luck with your show, I'm sure you'll do awesome :)

Mama Sews! said...

Hi, I'll be there for that show as well! It's crunch time in this field of "Purple Daisies" as well. But, I'm not expecting to have any relaxing time, though. :(