Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Messy Jessie Checking In!

After reaching a seldom-seen level of tidiness during my parents' weekend visit, my craft room has already started on the downward spiral toward messiness and disarray. This is nothing unusual as my creative process and organization tend to be mutually exclusive :)

The head of the guest bed in the room is usually pushed up against the window, but I moved the bed a few days back so I could set up to take photos in the afternoon sun (natural light always gives me the best results for photos.) As you can see, I don't need much room for photo shoot--I just use a few pieces of my craft show display to put my props and tripod at the right height and I'm ready to go.

I've been tempted for awhile now to rearrange the furniture in the room to relocate the bed for easier access to the natural light from the window, but my kitty Cleo loves lying on the bed to watch the world outside the window which has prevented me from acting on the idea. I think a compromise is in order--maybe we can move the bed so only half of the window is covered :)

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kelleysbeads said...

Furniture arrangement decisions in our house have also been made around our cats. LOVE the name Cleo!