Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Winner is Me!

I often enter handmade giveaways during my daily blog reading, and much to my happy surprise I was selected as the winner of a giveaway on OceansideCreations blog! My prize was the gorgeous blue fused glass dish from BuddhaKittyGlass, which I immedialy began using to spice up my product shots :) The pretty blue dotted fabric beneath the glass is a hand-dyed silk scarf from Flamboyant Scarves (my neighboring booth at last weekend's Designers' Downtown Market in Raleigh) which I traded two pairs of earrings for.
What do you think of my first "handmade collection" photo shoot? Do you use handmade items from other artists as props in your photo shoots? Please leave a comment and share links to your photos as I would love to see your use of handmade collections in staging product photos!


Hollyrocks said...

I don't really use a lot of props in my photos, because many of the items I make are already bright and busy so they look best with a plain background. But I think your setup looks gorgeous!

Buddha Kitty Glass said...

I am so happy you like it. Your jewelry looks lovely in the tray!