Thursday, July 9, 2009

Craft Show Displays--Always a Work in Progress

I made some great progress last night prepping for this weekend's Designers' Downtown Market, and am SO happy to be finished with pricing (my least favorite prep activity)!  I've set up my displays for a dry-run in my craft room so I can see how everything comes together and I'm feeling pretty good at this point.  The open suitcase at the front of my main table is a new addition that I purchased from Home Goods a few weeks back--I love the way the dark velvety inside provides a backdrop for the hanging necklaces :)  I've always had issues displaying my longer necklaces and this solves that problem nicely.

As much as I love the new setup, the one thing I have made no changes to is my bracelet display of wooden hands made by my Grandpa :)  I always get great comments from customers on this display!
Now that pricing is done and I've done a dry-run of the set up, it's packing time!  When I get home tonight I'll start packing up my inventory and displays.  Once everything is ready to go, I may actually have time to make a few new pieces for the show!


Meekiyu said...

that looks great I love the wooden hands and the suitcase... never thought of that before. =D

Ramblin Mama said...

I love the wooden hands. They're quite different from most displays and I'm sure they are quite eye-catching to passers by. Good luck at the show!

Hollyrocks said...

That looks great! I agree that the wooden hands are awesome, and I love the look of the opened case for the longer necklaces. I need to work on my own setup, it's WAY too plain.