Friday, June 12, 2009

Smu's Friday Finds--Turtles!

While vacationing last week in the Outer Banks I spent a lot of time walking along the beach collecting shells and watching for wildlife. One of the most exciting moments was when I spotted a sea turtle as it surfaced for air! To celebrate this sighting, I'm sharing some great turtle-themed finds from Etsy! Be sure to follow the links back to the amazing shops these items came from!



kim* said...

turtles are the cutest

The Little Fox said...

I am awarding you with the One Lovely Blog Award!! The "One Lovely Blog Award" was passed on to me by Conni of Now I'm passing it on to you because your blog is awesome!

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Hollyrocks said...

I want to see a sea turtle too, that would be the coolest thing ever! I love your finds. I guess you could say I have a small turtle collection. I'm staring at a painted terracotta turtle from Mexico right now actually!