Wednesday, May 27, 2009

VoteHandmade: Another Fun Way to Shop Handmade!

Since joining Twitter I have discovered some great new sites geared to the Handmade community. One of my favorites is Vote Handmade.  For those of you familiar with Digg, the up/down voting system may seem familiar.  The concept is simple:  Anyone can register and submit links to handmade items, articles, etc.  Everything appears on the front page when it is first submitted and the rank changes based on the popularity of that item (popular links rise to the top).  Since the links posted are from all over the web it is a great place to find items Etsy-holics would not otherwise have discovered (I'm definitely including myself in that group!). The flip side of that is by posting your items on Vote Handmade you are reaching an audience that otherwise might not have found YOU!  Take a moment to look around Vote Handmade, and be sure to visit SmuTopia Jewelry's Submission Page :)

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