Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Chance for Craft Show Prep!

Tomorrow, Saturday May 9th, I will be setting up SmuTopia Jewelry at the Designers' Downtown Market in Raleigh, NC. I'm almost ready to go, but I always have more ideas than time when it comes to improving my displays and making more jewelry to take to the show :)

I've saved myself some time in the prep process by collecting all of my essentials into a craft-show toolkit, which I leave packed between shows. Must haves for my toolkit include scissors, scotch tape, duct tape, hemp cord or string, pens/markers, safety pins, extra tags, a calculator, thumbtacks, and shower curtain rings. Most of those are pretty self-explanatory.......the shower curtain rings were a gift from my Mom last Christmas, and are perfect for hanging items from the edges and crossbeams of my pavillion tent :)

Do you sell at craft shows? What is in your craft-show "toolkit"? Leave a comment sharing the knowledge you have gained through your experience!


Audrey said...

I used to sell at craft shows, but I have really big stuff sometimes. I don't like tables unless I can put them on the side of the booth, use lots of backdrops for hanging my stuff and like people to be able to get close. But with jewelry, you would definitely need tables. Take lots of pics - would love to see them!!

purplecat said...

Good luck with the craft show!! I have been to Raleigh, my Ssiter lives at Apex, I was there last year.

Melonie said...

I love you shop & I'm glad to hear that you did well (if not as well as you had hoped) at your latest Show!

The last show I did, I brought along a digital photo frame. I loaded up the memory card with pictures of my creations (close-ups; people wearing them; etc...) and had the slideshow running on the photo frame during the event. It was a moving, lighted object and it attracted attention! Also, seeing how creations can look ON makes people more intrigued.