Thursday, April 30, 2009

Special Designs for April! Happy B-day!

My niece April had a birthday earlier this month, and I did a little special design work to make it a good one for her :) She had been begging her mother (my sister) for a watch, and after showing her a picture of my first watch on Etsy (Watch the Sun Shine) she comissioned me to make a special piece for April. Since her favorite color is bright pink, I ordered some awesome faceted pink candy jade stone beads from GemmeTresor on Etsy and went searching for a digital watch that I could remove the band from. I knew I had found the one with this heart-shaped Hannah Montana watch face :) Even though I couldn't be there to see her open it as I live in NC and she lives in VT, I have heard that April has given the watch her seal of approval :)

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