Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekend Giveaway: $10 Credit at SmuTopia!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Since we are about to begin the weekend, it's time for another SmuTopia giveaway :) This week's prize is a $10 credit to SmuTopia! I will select the winner at the end of the weekend and send out the good news on Monday morning 3/9.

To Enter, you must leave a comment with the following information:

1. What have you created lately? (Post a link or Photo and show us your work!)
2. What are you planning on doing for fun this weekend?

Good Luck to all who enter, and have a great weekend!
-Jessica Smutek


Winklepots said...

Well, I've been slacking on photos, so while I've been creating, I haven't taken photos and listed them. Shame on me. :oP I did recently list these though...

And if this weekend is nice, I'm doing yardwork. Unless you'd like to do it for me? Please? :o)

Audrey said...

Just finished and listed this:

I plan on making cinnamon buns this weekend. Was going to this morning but realized that I didn't have enough eggs. Have to go shopping first.

Shimmermeblue said...

Great giveaway! Here's what I've made lately.

I'm hoping the weather will stay nice so I can take the kids to the park and just hang out outside. We've been cooped up all winter long.

SmuTopia said...

drumroll please...........this week's winner is Winklepots!

To Audrey and Shimmerblue, I would be happy to offer you free shipping on any purchase--thank you for your participation!

-Jessica Smutek