Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rainbow Road

So I haven't had as much time to work on SmuTopia as I would like since getting my extra week of prep time, but such is life :) My hubby came down with Shingles and has needed some TLC. Now I realize it is already Wednesday and we're back down to less than 3 days until my craft show! Woo Hoo! My displays are done and I finished putting all of my new earrings on cards over my lunchbreak today. If I can get everything priced tonight I will consider it a major accomplishment (especially since I often find myself finishing up pricing as I set up on the day of a show.

Just before leaving the house this morning, I snapped this photo with my phone--these are a few of my favorite bracelets laid out chromatically on top of one of the wooden display hands my grandfather made for my booth. I am especially proud of the watch (yellow) as it is only my second watch design (the first was the watch I made for my own wedding!)

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