Friday, March 27, 2009

Giveaway! Enter to Win Custom Oragami Earrings!

While you still have until midnight tonight to enter last week's Smu*Topia giveaway, I am posting a new contest now for a CUSTOM pair of these oragami crane earrings! The winner will receive a pair of earrings featuring oragami cranes in the color of their choice.

Contest Entry Dates: Friday 3/27-Thursday 4/2 @ Midnight

To Enter:
1. Visit SmuTopia on Etsy
2. Come back here and post a comment giving me some sort of feedback on my shop (what would you like to see more of? Do I need a new banner/avatar? Which categories need more items? etc...). Each comment will receive one entry.
3. Make a purchase from Smu*Topia and receive two entries.


becca greene said...

i am in love with those origami earrings. however, in order to pay this month's outrageous electric bill, i have gone on a shop free few weeks. no grocery store, no dollar store, no shoes, or ordering online. however, i am totally bookmarking your site. and, i hope to do a blog post tomorrow about your designs. i totally heart stone jewelry. hopefully, when i am more financially fit, i'll get those earrings. anywho, you asked for suggestions. one thing that i was wondering especially with the drop stone rings is how they would look on a finger. so, even if you don't have a display jewelry hand or even display jewelry finger, maybe you could include some pics of the rings on someone's finger.

Aik said...

I love your creations! Especially the Starfish Hoop Pendant. What I like about your shop is that the prices are reasonable and the products are beautiful. If you'd like me to do a product review for the items from your shop, you can contact me at:

Best regards,

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't change anything about your web site. I love the banner and all your creations.

Digital Misfit said...

Lovely pieces. You have a beautiful seaglass ring in your shop - I would love to see more seaglass. I just love the combination of nature & manmade materials forming unique shapes.

Chris said...

I think you've got a really nice setup on your shop. One thing I would recommend has already been mentioned, but I'll say it anyways. You might want to include photos of someone modeling the jewelry, then people can see what it will look like on.


greeneginger said...

I enjoyed checking out all of your lovely creations in your Etsy Shop. I do like your banner because it matches the colors and feel of your jewelry well. Your rings are super cool and i would love to see more bracelets and dark colors like black:)

becca greene said...

ok i was so smitten that i had to post about these earrings on my blog. hope you approve.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Your jewelry is lovely. I was especially fond of the Starfish hoop necklace, that was a interesting design and your prices are reasonable. The only suggestion that I have would be to see a photo of models wearing the jewelry. That gives a good indication of size, how it lays, etc.
Hope this helps!
PS Gorgeous origami as well. =)

KnockKnocking said...

I love all of your sea creations, they just seem so perfectly summery. That being said, I really do love your oragami earrings on a number of levels, they are beautiful and unique AND oragami is a beautiful and difficult art. Beautiful.

Nelsby said...

Although I realize it's likely derived from your last name, I LOVE the title of your Etsy shop! I definitely like your banner - but it is a little plain. You could probably stand to spice it up a bit...especially with a shop name like SmuTopia. Personally speaking, I would like to see you have a bigger selection of earrings and necklaces.
Thanks so much for the generous giveaway...I would be SO thrilled to win!
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

SmuTopia said...

Thank you all so much for the great feedback! I am now actively looking for someone to model my jewelry for photos :)

Drumroll please......

This week's winner is: Becca Greene!

Congratulations to Becca and than you to everyone who entered this week's contest. I'll be posting a new giveaway later today :)