Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just Passed 100 Etsy Sales!!!

When I posted my first item on Etsy in January of this year, I set the goal of reaching 100 sales in my shop by by 1 year anniversary. Well, I hit my goal several months early! While I'm still celebrating this acheivement with a free-shipping sale at http://smutopia.etsy.com I am also starting to look forward and think about setting goals that will continue to grow my customer base and improve my shop. I've also begun to entertain the idea of opening a bead shop as a sister store to SmuTopia :) Anyone out there who has advice on improvements I could make, or new ways to promote my shop please leave a comment--I'm especially interested in your experiences with various forms of advertising....please share your experiences!

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pamela michelle said...

That's awesome! congrats!