Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Time to Stock my Etsy Shop!

The inventory in my Etsy shop is rather low, and I finally got some good photos for new listings! I've added a few items to the shop already, but here are some photos of things I will be listing later this week. Both are rings made during my recent E6000 glue experiement--I had never used it before, but everyone says it is the best for this sort of work. I agree that the hold is fantastic--but boy does that stuff stink!
A little background on the pieces pictured here: The top ring features a chunk of lace agate that I purchased at the Raleigh Gem & Mineral show in April of this year. The bottom photos shows a ring made of sea glass my Mom brought home from Grand Turk Island on a trip she took with my Dad in Febrary--Thanks Mom !!

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Nicole R.J. said...

Oh, I love that piece of agate! So pretty!