Friday, July 4, 2008

89 Sales and Counting!

Since I listed the first item in my Etsy shop in January of this year, I have had 89 sales and counting! I have definately exceeded the expectations I had when I opened the shop, and I'm creeping up on the initial mid-range goal I had set for myself of 100 sales. I had hoped to have 100 sales by my 1 year anniversary on I'm hoping to reach that goal much sooner and am starting to think bigger.........

How long did it take you to reach 100 sales (if you have)? What are your current goals? Leave a comment and share your thoughts :)


Damselle Jewelry said...

I hit 100 sales around mid march, after opening shop at the end of last July. It took me some time to figure everything out, and I didn't even get my first sale until almost two months in. Now I have 239 sales and it's just snowballing! I don't have hard number goals yet because I haven't been open a year and I feel like I need to be really flexible about figuring out what works. After next Christmas, I think I'll have good numbers to set goals from. Right now my goal is to really maximize my holiday season sales through wholesaling, advertising, and expanding my customer base. My main goal is to pay off my debt and start a nice cushion to put a down payment on a house.

Art by Sophie said...

thats fantastic! i've not made many sales, but time will help! lol...your jewellery is lush, so its not surprising how well your doing!