Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lazy Afternoon of Baseball and Beading

I slept in this morning in anticipation of staying up late for the NBA Finals Celtics vs. Lakers :) Since that doesn't start until later tonight, I'm currently enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon watching my Red Sox thump the Cincinnati Reds! While watching baseball I have my usual tray of beadwork close at hand. I just finished up a project I've been thinking about for ages; some gorgeous rhondite pillow beads I bought many moons ago have been transformed into a fantastic necklace earrings set which I hope to list on Etsy later tonight :)


Merka said...

Jess, I had no idea you were a Red Sox fan also! Me too :)

They sure did tromp all over the Reds!!!

SmuTopia said...

GO RED SOX!!! I knew you were part of Red Sox Nation ;) I saw that fantastic Red Sox Etsy treasury you created a few months back! The 'Big Poppy' Soap and the 'Sweet Caroline' earrings definately made me smile :)